IT Analyst/Project Manager

We’re looking for IT Analyst/Project Manager talent! 

Are you experienced in the field? We need you!

  • Know project management and system analysis inside out
  • Understand SCRUM like the back of your hand
  • Know how to use UML tools
  • Understand software modeling
  • Can tackle projects solo
  • Talk and present like a champ
  • Ace both Estonian and English
  • Solve problems like a superhero

In this role, you will
  • Team up with devs and architects on projects
  • Analyze, enhance, and structure orders and business needs
  • Manage timelines, resources, and goals
  • Find and map optimal technical solutions
  • Actively participate in the design and improvement of information systems
  • Manage information system documentation
  • Keep projects on track and tackle issues
  • Analyze how things are going and improve them
  • Design computer systems based on managerial and user requirements
  • Complete specification and process flow diagrams
  • Apply your analytical and strategic thinking to bring clarity out of complexity

  • Dive into exciting projects and learn a ton
  • Enjoy flexibility in location and working time
  • Get support from our experienced team
  • Grow with us in a friendly atmosphere
  • Score cool tech gear
  • Grab motivating pay and bonuses
  • Stay fit with sport perks
  • Chow down with colleagues every Wednesday
  • Work from our comfy office near the city center
  • Park for free, ride public transport with ease

If you feel excited, feel free to apply and get more information! 

If this is something that interests you then please send your question to We will be in touch with you shortly.




Job Category

Analyst/Project Manager

Job Type

Full Time